10x with Keyword Staking

Presearch is excited to announce that we have reduced the minimum number of PRE required to stake a keyword 10x — from 1,000 PRE to 100 PRE!

The innovative Presearch Keyword Staking platform enables marketers to reach Presearch’s more than 2.7m registered users and over 100M Monthly searches with targeted keyword ads that appear above the regular search results.

Unlike traditional keyword advertising platforms that charge sponsors every time an ad is clicked, with Presearch Keyword Staking, an advertiser simply purchases Presearch tokens (PRE) and stakes or commits them against the term or phrase they would like their ad to be displayed under.

As long as they are the top staker for that term, their ad will be displayed. If they decide they no longer want their ad to be displayed, all they need to do is set their stake to 0, then their PRE tokens are returned to their account, and they can stake another term or sell their PRE to another marketer. If they are outstaked, they will need to stake higher to have their ad viewed stake another keyword.

This means that there’s effectively no cost for traffic, which is a game-changer for marketers.

Up until this point, the minimum number of PRE that were required to be staked was 1,000.

Following significant growth for the project, including the inclusion of Presearch as a default search engine option on European Android devices, the value of Presearch tokens has increased substantially.

Due to this change in value, and to make Keyword Staking even more attractive to advertisers, Presearch is decreasing the minimum number of PRE required to secure a keyword to 100 PRE.

This new savings means that advertisers can stake ten times as many terms at the minimum level, providing even greater value and more traffic.

The change is effective immediately, and Presearch invites all potential marketers to try out the Keyword Staking platform by visiting https://keywords.presearch.org.

Thank you community!

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