May 10, 2019

6 min read

How To Change Your Background Color and Customize Presearch


We’ve made it easier to access your Presearch settings with the new Settings Icon found directly under the search field on your homepage.

Customize your Presearch homepage quickly and easily.
We’ve made it easier to access your Settings menu from your Presearch homepage.


The #1 customization request we’ve had from the community is to be able to change the background color. Since we launched our refreshed homepage a couple of months ago and went to a brighter blue, many have found it to be a little too bright and have requested to change it.

Change your Presearch homepage background color


To enhance accessibility as well as accommodating users who would like to have a large number of search providers as their default search options, we have added the ability to customize homepage icon sizes.

Don’t forget to save your changes!
SMALL Presearch homepage icons. Great if you would like to have 15+ icons available for easy use.
MEDIUM Presearch homepage icons. This is the default setting.
LARGE Presearch homepage icons. Great for those who only use a few search options or need extra large icons.


Many of you have asked to be able to open your search results in a new tab to make searching faster and more convenient. You can do that by checking the box next to the following option and hitting the ‘Save’ button below.


When Presearch first launched, we included a number of links to some popular crypto resources as seen below the search field in this screen shot:

An easy way to access crypto resources quickly


The very last option on the “Settings” page is the ability to turn the Autocomplete function on and off.

Autocomplete makes search fast and convenient.


This is the essence of what makes Presearch great. If you take nothing else from this blog post, please make sure you get to know this feature!

Customizing your homepage providers list puts the information you want right at your fingertips.
Click on any icon in your homepage provider list to remove them from your personal homepage.
We created a custom search provider list by clicking on any of the over 80 search providers.
In this example, we have dragged the YouTube icon all the way to the left. It is now our default search engine on our personalized Presearch homepage.
Today, we are feeling the #CCC1DB vibe and are getting ready to dive into LinkedIn. How will you customize your Presearch Homepage?


Once in the Settings Menu, you can then access a range of different settings, including Update Profile which allows you to change your display name and enter any additional information you care to share. This information is not used or shared and is purely optional. You also have the ability to save your preferred Ether Wallet to use when withdrawing PRE tokens to the Blockchain. Again, all of this information on this page is optional. Only enter it if you wish.

The ‘Update Profile’ section of your Presearch account. We are all, in fact, humans.


There are other parts of the Settings menu that we will cover later, but for now, we encourage you to poke around and get to know your Presearch account!


One last point to note — we have received your feedback on the coin flip (more specifically, the speed of the coin flip).

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