New Presearch Provider: Qwant

As we drive the Presearch model forward, we begin the process of making more search options available for all Presearchers.

The first goal of adding new providers is to level the search playing field and introduce a more collaborative approach to search that respects and promotes the wide range of search resources on the web.

The second goal is to expand your search choices by showing you all the search options that are available and make it easier for you to select your preferred search destination.

As of February 26, 2019, you can choose Qwant as your favorite Presearch provider.

To this end, we are happy to announce the addition of one of our most requested provider additions: European search engine, Qwant.

Qwant was launched in 2013 and exemplifies #privacy and #neutrality. Based in France, they offer a news-style homepage and several extra features that users will love, all the while keeping your privacy secure.

Let’s have a look at the features Qwant offers its users:

Qwant Search
Rolled into one neat package, Qwant offers a search engine that displays a firm grasp of the ethics of search while still providing you the search results you need.

They run their search engine with this ethos by creating (and living by) two fundamental pillars: “Protecting your privacy by not collecting any personal data linked to your queries, and guaranteeing neutrality and impartiality of results.”

Qwant Mobile
Qwant has created an official app that allows you to have quick access to their search services from your phone or mobile device using all the pro-privacy perks Qwant holds dearly.

Qwant Junior
This extension of the Qwant family is dedicated to children, allowing them to perform web searches and learn in the safest environment.

It works by using the Qwant search engine but has an applied filter to eliminate any inappropriate results. Results that have recognized educational value are also more highly prioritized.

Qwant Boards
As useful as other data-oriented organization apps, such as Trello, Qwant Boards offer their users a way to organize and share notes, data or information gathered from their private searches.

What we love is that this is another feature in the stable of the Qwant pro-privacy products. “Qwant never uses these Boards to profile its users for advertising purposes.”

So, How Does Qwant Work With Presearch?

Presearch is dedicated to your privacy. We are always pleased when we can offer our users an additional resource to help them take control of what they put on the internet.

Qwant is now available as a search option from your Presearch dashboard.

Qwant is the newest provider available when you search Presearch.

Enter your search term and choose Qwant as your search provider. Done.

You can also make Qwant your default search provider by following these steps:

  • Log into
  • Click the ‘Customize’ link below the search field
  • Search for Qwant in the ‘Search Providers’ field
  • Make Qwant your default engine by dragging the Qwant logo to the default position
Make Qwant your preferred search provider with a few easy clicks.

If you would like to hear more about how Qwant respects your privacy, you can listen/watch the Presearch Privacy Review created by privacy expert Dylan Curran:

Privacy expert Dylan Curran reviews search engine Qwant in Presearch Privacy Review #25.

As one of the first in a long line of planned provider additions, we hope that you enjoy the addition of Qwant to your Presearch search experience.

Please let us know how you like using Qwant for keeping your privacy secure!

If you have suggestions for other search providers we would also love to hear your ideas.

Please submit your suggestions via our online feedback link and the Presearch Team will look into adding your suggested provider to Presearch.

Thank you for reading!

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