Integrated Search Experience and Rewards Evolution

In preparation for the launch of the new decentralized nodes-based Presearch Engine in Q4 of this year, we’re making some changes to the Presearch user experience in September, as announced in our recently published Vision Paper.

UX Refresh — New Integrated Search Experience

The first update, which will go live on August 31st, is a new integrated search experience on Dsearch, Presearch’s current default search results provider.

These changes will bring a tighter integration between the Presearch platform and the default search results page (currently powered by Dsearch). With this update, you will now be able to see your login status and PRE rewards balance directly on the Dsearch search results page. Your personal list of search providers (previously only available on the home page) will now also be incorporated into the Dsearch results page for much more convenient navigation between search providers.

Your Presearch search providers will now be displayed on the Dsearch search results page as highlighted in red.

These providers will be displayed down the left side of the screen beneath the logo on desktop browsers, and across the top below the search bar on mobile devices.

This enables you to easily run your search using another provider if you don’t initially find what you’re looking for within the default search results. With just one click, you can now quickly re-run your query on Google, YouTube, or any of your other favorite search engines!

These improvements to the user experience will set the stage for the next changes we’re making to begin improving the project’s tokenomics.

Changing the Default to Dsearch

Throughout the month of September, we will migrate all users over to Dsearch as their default search provider. If you are using Google currently as your default search engine, for example, your new default search results will come from Dsearch, though you can now click on any icon in your search providers bar on the results page to easily change the search engine on a per-query basis.

As discussed in the Presearch Vision Paper, with Presearch entering Phase II of the project, the focus is on creating sustainability and decentralization. A core part of the decentralization focus is giving users a privacy-protecting decentralized search engine (see our previous post on the upcoming search nodes release), but the other part is incentivizing users to stay on the platform and use the engine, driving stickiness of user experience and increasing advertising revenue to make the tokenomics sustainable.

The immediate result of this change is that instead of less than 10% of searches staying on the Presearch platform and featuring Presearch ads, by the end of September it will be more than 90%! We expect this to significantly increase the number of impressions and ad clicks, making every keyword staked considerably more valuable to our advertisers. We anticipate this to increase the number of advertisers, the amount of PRE staked, and demand for PRE overall.

This also provides an excellent opportunity to expose more users to the Presearch search experience and gather feedback prior to the launch of Presearch nodes.

Then, when the new decentralized nodes-based Presearch Engine launches to the public in Q4 of 2020, the transition will be seamless for users between Dsearch and the new nodes-based Presearch Engine.

Strengthening Token Economics

A significant portion of users are currently using Presearch to search Google, but with the improved Dsearch experience and in preparation for the launch of the new decentralized Presearch Engine, we are paving the way now for the transition and focusing more on improving the project’s already-strong tokenomics.

With Dsearch, there is an opportunity to display Presearch ads powered by the keyword staking platform, as well as to earn fiat revenue via outside ad networks that is reinvested back into the Presearch platform.

As discussed in the Vision Paper, Presearch intends to allocate a percentage of this revenue to purchasing PRE back from existing holders so that it can utilize this inventory to provide future rewards.

And, of course, we need as many eyeballs on the Presearch search results and ads as possible. This transition enables us to accomplish each of these objectives and to begin rolling out additional improvements to tokenomics for the PRE token.

Reward Changes

As also described in the Vision Paper, The final part of this transition is to begin paying rewards only for searches run on Presearch’s default engine (currently Dsearch). With Presearch rolling out its own decentralized nodes-based search engine in Q4 and already having its own keyword staking-based advertising platform, it is important that the search rewards Presearch provides are aligned with the value to the community of those searches.

While we believe in choice and are making it easier than ever for users to search on other engines (by now integrating them for the first time directly into the search results page), we are moving towards tying reward payments directly to economic value received, and it simply no longer makes sense for Presearch to be paying PRE to send traffic away to external, competing search engines.

The amount of PRE paid per search on Dsearch will currently remain the same as before, with the intent for the rewards payouts to become more dynamic and directly tied to economic value as we roll out our Tokenomics Engine later in Q4.

Delivering Value Back to the Community

These changes drive value into the Presearch project by having more users leverage the Presearch search results, increasing advertising revenue, and eventually being able to tie PRE rewards to actual value (searches and ad views within the Presearch platform) instead of paying to divert traffic to other sites. Ultimately, this makes the Presearch platform more financially sustainable, increases investment in the decentralized search platform and the quality of search results, and makes the entire search experience more integrated and compelling.

In summary, we are rolling out the following changes:

  1. A more integrated search results experience
  2. Dsearch as the default search provider
  3. Rewards changes to incentivize on-platform searches.

The integrated search results experience will roll out on 8/31, with the remaining changes occurring gradually throughout the month of September, starting on the 1st. Some people will receive the experience right away while others may receive it within days or weeks.

We’re really excited about these improvements and the benefits for searchers and other community members, ahead of the release of Presearch search nodes! These changes have been a long time in the making and we are pleased that we are delivering on our roadmap as promised and providing an even stronger token ecosystem that will benefit all who own PRE.

If you have any feedback about the changes, we welcome you to use the ‘Send Feedback’ link on the menu in the top right corner of

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