Limited Edition Presearch Hardware Nodes and NFTs

As a thank you to our incredible node operator community, we are issuing commemorative Node Beta NFTs to all people who have a node running as of the time of publishing. By being a Node operator, you will also automatically be entered into a draw for 1 of 25 limited edition Presearch branded Raspberry Pi hardware devices.

We are grateful to our community of Node Operators who have been with us over the past 11 months, helping us work out the bugs and improve the decentralized search node platform as we now approach Mainnet launch, and we want to ensure that this support is recognized.

Thank You Presearch Node Operators!

You have supported the project through countless updates, node disconnects and reconnects, glitches, and late-night conversations on Telegram while we’ve been building the infrastructure layer that will carry the project forward for years to come.

You’ve kept your nodes online, paid for servers, introduced Presearch to potential partners, and helped spread the word to others while we’ve been in beta, and have truly been integral to the genesis of this platform.

First-ever Presearch NFTs

To commemorate your participation in this special group, we are issuing all node operators who have currently (at the time of publication) active nodes a special Node NFT that you can add to your collection, and which will entitle you to special access and offers in the months and years ahead as the project grows.

You will be provided with a link on your node dashboard before the end of November that will enable you to claim your NFT.

Each node operator will receive one NFT, though we are planning other releases that would see each node with its own NFT as well.

In addition to being a commemorative NFT, it will also serve as your ticket for the first Raspberry Pi giveaway, which will be held before Mainnet launch.

Raspberry Pi Giveaway!

Ever since Presearch announced its decentralized search node offering, we’ve had community members request a branded hardware device on which to run their Presearch Node.

As we approach the launch of the Presearch Mainnet, and as we look to further decentralize the project’s infrastructure, we are excited to announce the launch of a new limited edition Presearch Node device based on Raspberry Pi — the Preberry! :)

The hardware device features a custom Presearch branded case and comes preloaded with the latest version of the Presearch Node software, just waiting for you to plug it in and spin up your node.

Because we aren’t yet ready to mass-produce these nodes (community members interested in starting a side venture building and distributing hardware nodes are invited to email, we are making them available in limited batches via giveaways and special promotions.

The first batch of 25 Presearch Hardware Nodes will be given away to 25 lucky Presearch node operators, whose accounts will be randomly chosen. Winners will be notified via email and will have 14 days to respond. This first batch of devices will ship in January, 2022.

Future Releases

As mentioned, this is just the first public release of the Preberry, and we’re keeping it small to ensure that our limited release goes smoothly and so we can learn what’s involved in distributing and supporting the platform.

Please stay tuned for more information, future releases and NFT drops, and let us know on Telegram which special promotions you think would be cool to see!


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