New search UI goes live on Testnet!

Presearch launches its next-generation UI with faster results, more intuitive navigation and more customization!

Today, the new Presearch experience goes live on the decentralized Testnet. This is a huge step forward in our push towards mass adoption. The goal is a search experience that feels like it’s ahead of its time, and we’re excited to bring it to you thanks to the efforts of our community members and dev team!

So what’s different with the new UI?

There are a number of changes that go live with this release, and we’ve detailed them below for you.

Asynchronous results

The biggest change is one that you’ll notice instantly if you’ve been using the current version — results are now loaded asynchronously, meaning that the overall page loads instantly, and then the results are returned as they are retrieved from the search nodes. It’s a major improvement that we are really excited about! :)

Cleaner UI

From the logo, to the search result pods, to the refreshed navigation links, new pop-out menu, colorized search provider links and favicons with results, the new UI is cleaner, more modern and more responsive.

New controls

The new pop-out menu accessed by hovering over the menu icon in the top right corner has new icons across the top to access the various Presearch platforms (Nodes, Keyword Staking, Marketplace and Account), as well as easier access to controls that enable you to change your search settings — including a new font size option that makes results easier to read.

Show / hide search providers

Some people love the ability to search other platforms, while others never use the feature. Now you can hide alternative search providers, creating a clean, fast-loading Presearch experience.

The impact of a new UI

Now that the project has a world-class search experience, with a much cleaner, more responsive look and feel, we are confident that user retention will be even higher than before and result in more users who try Presearch sticking around for the long term.

With the launch of the Android Choice Screen, and the uptick in users/searchers/node operators, this is a huge step forward as we prepare to onboard the next 10 million users to the Presearch ecosystem.

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Try it for yourself — musk

If you didn’t know the new UI was coming, make sure to tune into our weekly updates on Odysee and Youtube!


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