Presearch and CoinMarketCap Announce Partnership

Presearch is excited to announce that we have partnered with the #1 crypto information portal, and top 100 website, CoinMarketCap, to bring CMC’s high-quality data to search results, and introduce Presearch to millions of CoinMarketCap users!

As many of you know, CoinMarketCap is the world’s top crypto information service with more than 180 million visits per month, a figure that recently put CMC into the top 100 of all websites globally.

Since Binance, the world’s #1 crypto exchange, purchased CMC in April of 2020, the service has undergone many improvements and is actively pursuing growth opportunities, which is what lead CoinMarketCap to Presearch.

Under this ongoing partnership agreement, in exchange for Presearch powering its crypto information package with CMC data and linking out to CoinMarketCap for additional project information, Presearch receives significant marketing exposure on, as well as within CMC’s various channels including social, email and video, blogs and influencer networks.

Additionally, CoinMarketCap is utilizing Presearch’s Keyword Staking platform to drive additional traffic to their properties.

In this symbiotic relationship, Presearch and CMC will work to provide an industry-leading crypto information user experience within Presearch’s general search results, using CMC’s robust API and accurate market data.

The new integration goes live effective immediately, and the crypto information package in Presearch’s search results has been upgraded with a new price chart feature to enhance the user experience. This interface will continue to evolve to provide the most relevant and timely data possible in a compact UI, while giving users choice in how information is displayed.

We would like to thank the CoinMarketCap team for their work in putting this partnership together and in recognizing the significant opportunity Presearch represents to become one of the world’s top search engines.

With growth exploding due to Presearch being included as a default search engine on Android devices in Europe, the platform is now handling more than 2.5 million daily searches and has 35,000 nodes now powering the Presearch testnet. This surge in growth is leading industry leaders like CoinMarketCap to take notice.

Please keep an eye on the CMC and Presearch social channels for examples of partnership integrations, and we look forward to your feedback on ways that we can maximize the impact of this valuable partnership.


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