Presearch: Connecting the Dots

Presearch has become one of the biggest projects in the blockchain space by taking a pragmatic approach and focusing on users over technology.

Platform Components

Blockchain explorer, smart contract and external wallets

Using the Ethereum blockchain, Presearch has its own reward token that operates on an open, transparent and decentralized ledger Rewards

Providing searchers and referrers with PRE token rewards when they search and share

Presearch Keyword Staking Platform

Advertising platform that enables PRE holders to secure free traffic by staking their PRE against the keywords of their choice

Presearch Marketplace

The place to buy PRE tokens directly from the project using Bitcoin, Ethereum, CAD and USD

Reward Verification System

This anti-abuse system mitigates the effect of those trying to game the system to gain tokens

Browser Extensions

The Presearch browser extension for Chrome, Firefox and Brave makes it much faster and easier to search and get paid

Mobile Apps for iOS and Android

These mobile apps offer experiments in user experience to unlock the next innovation in mobile search

Community Packages

Community packages are open source and member-contributed. They are designed to provide a summary view of a given keyword’s information. For example, the crypto info here:

Presearch vs. Dsearch

Presearch is the reward layer of the search platform while Dsearch is an independent search engine within Presearch that currently offers double PRE tokens when you search with it

Referral Program

The referral program enables any Presearch user to earn extra PRE tokens when they refer new active members to the platform

Presearch Store

The Presearch store contains merchandise, service fees and application fees denominated and transacted in PRE

Presearch is building a decentralized search engine — visit or for more info