Presearch Integrates with OpenSea to Provide NFT Search Results

Over the past few months, the Presearch team has worked with OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace, to integrate its API to introduce a native NFT search feature into Presearch.

We are excited for users to be able to find data on millions of NFTs on OpenSea directly through our community-powered search engine.

Google and other search engines have served shopping results for physical items through search for years, and now we wanted to rethink that concept for the evolution to the Web3 era of decentralization.

The integration with OpenSea is a crucial first step in the evolution of Presearch’s overall strategy around NFTs and digital assets while we continually enhance the search experience to help NFT enthusiasts research unique drops and collections.

As our community continues to grow, with 2.7 million registered users and 3.5 million daily searches, we now invite OpenSea’s 100,000+ users to try Presearch as a quicker way to find the NFT info they’re looking for as they search the general web.

NFTs are here to stay, and we’re proud to make tools available to streamline the search experience and better serve our community of crypto natives.

Try out the feature for yourself by searching any NFT contract or wallet address through Presearch —

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