Presearch Mainnet Vision

As we were preparing our updated development roadmap, we thought it made sense to first paint a picture of where we are heading, so that we’re all envisioning and working toward the same shared destination.

Picture this;

You’re on your mobile device, you want to run a private search and earn rewards in the form of a valuable cryptocurrency, PRE tokens.

To do this, you click on the P_ icon on your home screen and launch the mobile app, which loads quickly and enables you to search from the top search field.

You run your search, which provides you with high-quality results that have been provided by a decentralized network of user nodes. It’s hosted on the domain.

Maybe you used to focus on how many rewards you collected that day, and how the Reward Verification System (RVS) would assess your User Level, as you attempted to collect 1,000 eligible PRE to withdraw, sometimes waiting weeks or months depending on the congestion on the Ethereum network.

Now, you just use Presearch like you would Google or any other search engine, knowing that you will earn rewards for switching, and without any judgement from the RVS on how you’re searching.

You’ve always wanted to ‘level up’ within Presearch to increase the rewards you earn, and now you can increase your regular reward rate by helping the project bring in more users, by operating nodes and by staking keywords.

When you want to withdraw your PRE, you can now initiate a request and cover the costs yourself, ensuring there’s no major wait times to get access to your PRE. The system still protects itself against abuse, but now it happens in the background, behind the scenes.

As more and more people hear about Presearch, the project is getting way more attention from not just crypto users, but the hundreds of millions who are sick of big tech monopolies and who are looking to level the playing field.

The increased attention and usage helps Presearch climb the CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap rankings, as the project breaks into the top 200 crypto assets.

From 1.4 million queries per day, the project is now serving more than 5 million searches daily with our sights set on 10 million.

It’s becoming obvious how valuable this audience of users is, and the results advertisers receive are making them want to stake more PRE, which is driving demand for the token.

As additional resources and attention flood into the project, Presearch continues to scale up its development and marketing teams, speeding up product releases and ensuring that even more people are aware of Presearch.

It’s a great time to be a Presearcher, as the project demonstrates one of the top utility token use cases and becomes renowned within the crypto space for providing such a valuable service to the world and its community of supporters.

Like this vision? Help us realize it!

We’re confident that not only will our community realize this vision, but it will exceed our wildest dreams thanks to their support from around the globe.

The steps we’re taking to launch the Presearch Mainnet are outlined in the new Mainnet Launch Roadmap.

We’ll share progress updates as we move through this list, and look forward to following the roadmap toward Presearch’s mainnet and mainstream launch.

If this vision makes sense to you, please let us know on Telegram and Twitter. Thanks again for your support!

Presearch is building a decentralized search engine framework — visit or for more info