Presearch Node Statistics Go Live!

Fellow Presearchers,

It’s been quite a week! While the overall cryptocurrency markets were quite volatile, our team has been rock steady working hard to achieve our next release milestone!

We are excited to announce the launch of Presearch Node Statistics!

What are Presearch Node Statistics?

The node dashboard now provides our Presearch node operators with detailed insights into how their nodes are performing, including information about number of connections, uptime, latency, and search success rates. Each node also receives a rating from 1 to 100 showing how it compares on each of these measures versus all other nodes on the network, which is incorporated into a node’s overall reliability score. This detailed information provides node operators with insights into how their node rewards payouts are calculated, and allows node operators to better optimize both their nodes’ performance and costs relative to their upcoming node rewards payouts.

Up until this point, node performance has largely been a black box, so we are thrilled to empower our node operators with these new performance insights to allow them to make better informed decisions as they contribute computing power to processing searches within our decentralized search engine.

To access the statistics for any node, first go to the Nodes Dashboard to view a list of all of your nodes, and then click on the new “Info” button next to any of your nodes.

The node statistics page will then show a summary section with your node’s identifying information, connection status, registration date, and and other high-level details.

In addition to this summary information, node operators can also view aggregate statistics for any time period during which their node was running and see number of connections, requests, uptime, latency, and success rate at resolving queries.

Each of these node-specific performance metrics are further mapped into a score (from 0 to 100) showing how the node performed relative to all other nodes in the network with respect to uptime, latency, and success scores, all of which combine together to generate the node’s overall reliability score.

The node reliability score, staked capacity (based on the number of PRE tokens staked to the node), and overall utilization percentage are displayed, which are the key node-specific inputs the the Presearch node rewards calculation. We’ll get into the details of the node rewards calculation in a follow-on post next week!

How can you use the Presearch Node Statistics?

Most of the data points are straight forward:

Total Uptime: how long your node has been up and running.

Avg Latency: how long on average it takes for your node to process a request.

Avg Success Rate: the percentage of queries you’ve successfully processed with your node.

The Uptime, Latency, and Success scores show the node’s percentile performance in each of those categories compared to all nodes that operate in the network. If you’re running a node on spotty wifi from your computer, your node’s scores will likely be lower. If you’re paying for a VPS (Virtual Private Server), these scores will likely be much higher. Again, we’ll dive into how these scores factor into your payouts in our next post.

By clicking the Connections (View) link you can access additional insights into when and why your node may have disconnected.

Finally, if the aggregate stats were not enough, you can click the Server Statistics (Details) link in order to see the raw calculations for all of your node’s performance statistics on a 5-minute basis for any day during which your node operated, giving you a deep ability to debug and view current and historic node performance and diagnose any issues that may arise.

We look forward to your feedback on the new node statistics, and to helping our node operators optimize their nodes for maximum performance and rewards. Exciting times for the Presearch community!

A big thank you to our development team for getting this significant release out on schedule. Great work!

More than 1 million searches per day!

Besides the release of the nodes stats dashboard, we are thrilled to share that the Presearch Engine surpassed more than 1 million daily search queries this week! This is a major achievement and we’re looking forward to even more accelerated growth from our upcoming marketing campaigns.

Stay tuned for another major announcement later this weekend!

Team Presearch

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