Presearch partners with decentralized cloud provider FluxOS to decentralize the Internet.

Fellow Presearchers,

We’re excited to bring you another partnership that will make it easy to contribute compute power to Presearch through another great decentralized cloud provider service. You can now easily run a Presearch Node through FluxOS!

FluxOS is a second-layer operating system/application that allows hardened Dockerized apps to run on Flux’s fully decentralized computational network. Built using Mongo, Express, Vue, and Node (MEVN Stack), FluxOS is a highly-accessible playground for developers that is completely open-source.

App creators, blockchain builders, web designers, and any type of developer can Dockerize their innovations and easily deploy them on FluxOS infrastructure.

The FluxOS ensures all nodes are running properly and communicating throughout the network. It can be used for:

Blockchain as a Service — Host blockchain nodes and apps

DApps — Run open source, decentralized applications

Oracles — Run apps to provide decentralized data sets

Price Rate Servers — Real-time price data

We’re excited to play a part in bringing the decentralized web to fruition, together with Flux, decentralized cloud provider ThreeFold and others who are developing innovative decentralized technology!

P.S. — have you tried running a node?

head to to try running a node for yourself! New to Presearch? Try searching for yourself —

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