Presearch rewards now dynamic!

As mentioned during several of the most recent weekly updates, we’ve been taking steps to move Presearch rewards to a more dynamic rate that takes into account the value of PRE and enables us to move closer to the value-for-value model that we ultimately see as being one of the major innovations Presearch will introduce into the search space.

Historically, the amount of PRE provided per search has been fixed at a certain daily rate and the same for all searchers — originally at a fixed 0.25 PRE/search and most recently around 0.1 PRE/search.

We began implementing a more variable model in the spring of 2021 with the introduction of a basic tokenomics engine that would reset the reward rate on a daily basis. While a step in the right direction, there are many more steps to make, and the change announced today is another one.

As of today, rewards will become more dynamic and update in real-time according to a number of different inputs, including the value of PRE, search volume and in the future, other factors such as monetization from advertising revenue and search staking.

Changing the way we communicate rewards

Please update your communications to ensure we are no longer telling people it’s a fixed amount per search. We should from now on just communicate that we reward users for using and contributing to the platform.

We are excited to take another step toward the ultimate vision for rewards and sharing the value of the project with those who make it valuable — searchers, node operators, promoters and other contributors.

Thanks for your support while we work toward realizing the potential of this massive opportunity.


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