Hello Presearchers!

Many of you have been wondering when mass marketing of Presearch would begin, and we are excited to declare that we’ve officially entered marketing mode!

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Preparing for launch 🚀🚀🚀

As we prepare for the release of the new Presearch Engine powered by decentralized nodes in December, we’re revamping our existing web presences to better communicate where the project is headed and how community members can participate.

Today we’re announcing a number of site updates that will go live December 9th, ahead of the upcoming Presearch Engine and Presearch Nodes launch.

These updates include:

The new sites feature animated videos and graphics to illustrate how the platform works and how node operators can participate.

We believe this will significantly improve the understanding of the value of the Presearch project and lead to increased participation in the network.

Community engagement

In addition to these launches, we are ramping up a number of community initiatives immediately, including:

  • AMAs and interviews with Colin Pape and Trey Grainger to keep the community in the loop on all ongoing developments. These AMAs will be held on our own channels, via live video, as well as in other communities with like-minded individuals that have approached us.
  • New Presearch social presences on Flote, Parler and MeWe to reach out to those concerned about the dominance of Big Tech, and who are looking for alternative platforms.
  • Re-engagement of our communities on Telegram and Twitter, including new contests, promotions and content. More information will follow in a Medium post next week.

Following the marketing roadmap

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As detailed on pages 56 to 58 in the Presearch Vision Paper, the marketing roadmap details our strategy for expanding the Presearch network and increasing token demand with advertising stakers.

To grow usage and increase the number of searches, the best place to start is those who’ve already created a Presearch account and used the platform. Once the new Presearch Engine is live in December, we will initiate a mass email campaign encouraging people to check out the new experience.

To increase demand for keyword staking, we are going to ramp up outreach to crypto projects to encourage them to try the platform and stake the name of their project. After successfully completing an unexpected token swap and implementation of the new withdrawal platform in Q3, we are excited to now be shifting into marketing mode and are actively recruiting additional marketers to the team and will be posting the details of the career opportunity next week.

Communication plan

With everything that is coming in December and Q1 2021, we will have at least one update out to the community per week to keep you informed.

We appreciate all of our long-term supporters continuing to help us push ahead. We now invite everyone to step up with us and introduce this project to the world and attract the millions of people who care about having a community-driven alternative to the search monopoly that currently dominates the global market.

Together we can bring Presearch to the world, and the world to Presearch, in the process creating the open, decentralized search engine that we need, while benefiting the token holders who’ve been so instrumental in helping us reach this stage.

Looking forward to lots of PRE goodness in the days and weeks ahead.

Keep an eye on Medium or your favorite social channel, as well as your email address for more updates.

If you have any questions, feel free to join us on Telegram:

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Presearch is building a decentralized search engine framework — visit www.presearch.io or https://twitter.com/presearchnews for more info

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