One of the most common questions we get is “What’s the difference between Presearch and Dsearch?”

Presearch is the blockchain token-based project to build a decentralized search engine that is open source, transparent and powered by the community. You access it via

The first version of Presearch is a blockchain rewards platform that enables users to search more than 100 different search engines and earn PRE tokens when they search.

When you search any resource (such as Google or DuckDuckGo) you receive 0.25 PRE tokens up to 8 PRE per day.

PRE tokens are also the currency required to pay for advertising using the Presearch Keyword Staking Ad Platform.

Dsearch is a separate search engine available through Presearch that displays Presearch ads on its results page in exchange for being the default search engine within the Presearch platform.

In addition to displaying ads, Dsearch purchases PRE tokens to reward users who are searching through it.

Dsearch currently provides 0.5 PRE per search, double the rate of other resources.

It does not reward tokens directly though, they are only accumulated when you search Dsearch through Presearch.

Dsearch has an API search feed and ad network deals that provide it with results and monetization tools.

In addition to displaying Presearch ads, it also displays the Presearch Community Packages that are developed for the Presearch Engine (the early framework for a decentralized search engine that Presearch is building).

The Presearch Engine combines community packages with search results provided by the same Bing API used by DuckDuckGo and other search engines.

Presearch is building a decentralized search engine framework — visit or for more info