Presearch Weekly News Updates on Youtube

If you haven’t been following us on youtube the past couple months, you might think we’ve been quiet on here the past few months… Not without good reason — we’ve been busy! This is a recap of past weeks updates, we will be sure to publish them on here more regularly for our Medium community as well moving forward!

Last week in review at Presearch, streamed live by Colin Pape on August 13, 2021. For the full recap, definitely check out the video below!

This week in review: most important takeaways

  • In just seven months, Presearch now counts nearly twice as many nodes as the Ethereum Network (9,000+)!
  • A massive 25% of the total supply is now staked between keywords and nodes (125M PRE)!
  • New UI on the way as well as Web3 withdrawals and replacing the RVS
  • Android Browser is now live
  • Development updates & development team expansion (Looking for a dev ops engineer & Senior node.JS developer.

Platform status update:

  • We’ve launched the ‘Presearch introduction’ video.
  • This past week, search rewards were pegged at 0.12 per search, our traffic reached~1 million searches per day of which 45% were unrewarded (non-logged in users).
  • There’s now 125 million PRE staked between keywords and nodes (25% of the total supply)
  • Token value of PRE ranges between 2–3cents, macro-economic crypto volatility remains high with alt-coins seeing an overall downtrend.
  • 9,000+ nodes are currently running on the test-net! If you’re interested in learning more about nodes, or want to run a node, then definitely visit

Growth in Presearch Nodes

In just six months, Presearch now counts nearly double the nodes as the Ethereum Network!

  • We’re seeing a continuous significant growth in the number of Presearch nodes on the network. This bodes well for the health and potential of the network.
  • Node operators became our best advocates. They’re actively using the platform to search, refer others and promote our services.
  • Node operators are actively engaged on Telegram and are helping to develop the platform.
  • We’re currently counting over 80M PRE staked on nodes alone.

Marketing Updates

We’re continuously exploring new marketing and exposure opportunities!

  • RiceTVx interview: Colin and Chris Rice did an interview:
  • Presearch introduction video: We’re putting the final touches on our first new introduction video, ‘We The People’ and are preparing various other videos to speak to other opportunities and groups as well.
  • Ongoing activities: continuing to explore new partnerships, AMAs, blockchain conferences, browser partners, and testing paid ad channels.
  • New weekly contest coming soon: we’re looking forward to launching some contests in which you can earn Presearch merch! Stay tuned for more info!

Challenges and responses

We’ve been transparent in sharing our challenges and responses throughout the past couple of months. Last week, these were our challenges and responses:

  • Rewards experience improvements: we are working on our rewards 2.0 model to resolve the challenges with the current rewards system.
  • Node gateway disconnects: We’ve been working on a fix for the persistent zombie node issue, and in the progress found another issue that resulted into a new disconnect issue that we are working through.
  • Node reward claiming lags: Queue issue that resulted in a delay when node operators tried to claim PRE rewards. This is now resolved.

Development updates

We’re making continuous developments that we’re eager to share with you!

  • Android is now live!
  • Back-end optimization: We’re making a number of backend optimizations around speed, database utilization, and dev-ops to prepare for growth ahead of our main-net launch.
  • Our devs are making continuous progress on the Rewards Verification System (User Levels), which we are slowly phasing out to soon introduce a better violation detection system.
  • Web3.0 integration work is underway for PRE withdrawals, enabling users to soon withdraw their PRE at any time.
  • Additional queue monitoring services are developed to monitor user rewards and prevent the queue issues we saw last week.
  • Brave ad blocker workarounds: we’re looking to roll out an update next week to fix the keyword staking ad blockage by Brave.
  • Development team expansion: we’re looking for a dev ops engineer, particularly someone experienced with distributed systems, as well as a Senior Node.JS developer. Stay tuned for new information, but feel free to already reach out to us!

We’re looking forward to providing these updates both in our live stream and here on Medium on a weekly basis. Interested in learning more about any of the above mentioned items, or are you the developer we’re looking for? Then definitely reach out to us for more info, or check out our available resources:

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Email: or

Presearch is building a decentralized search engine framework — visit or for more info