Presearch Weekly Update #31 — September 5th, 2021

This week marks an amazing week for Presearch, during which we had the Android search choice launch, welcomed tons of new users and saw demand for PRE increase 4x.

Missed last week’s updates? No problem, check out the recap below:

This week in review: most important takeaways

  • 9x growth in daily sign-ups over the past couple of days
  • 125M PRE staked between keywords and nodes (>25% of total supply!)
  • Over 10,000 nodes on the Presearch Testnet
  • Android Search Choice went live
  • New UI to be implemented shortly!

Development Updates

  • Credit Card payments coming back soon
  • Finishing touches on new UI, which will provide a better user experience
  • Image caching system, allowing you to display images for favicons
  • Roll out of replacement system of the RVS planned for next week
  • Community package platform to enable community members to easier provide community packages

Marketing Updates

  • CoinTelegraph (2x), Search Journal, Benzinga, Yahoo Finance, CoinDesk.TV, Lifewire, and many other publications covered Presearch for the Android Search Choice launch
  • New Presearch videos are coming up shortly to introduce people to Presearch
  • Preparing email marketing to re engage with old members and provide frequent updates
  • Presearch community package bounties are coming soon to encourage involvement
  • Vision Paper refresh is coming up soon to provide updated statistics and information
  • NFT search packages are coming soon, as teased in the previous weekly update.

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