Presearch Weekly Update #33 — September 17th, 2021

Missed last week’s updates? No problem, check out the recap below:

This week in review: most important takeaways

  • Search rewards 0.1 PRE per search
  • 128M PRE staked between keywords and nodes
  • Over 16,000 nodes on the Presearch Testnet!
  • New UI live on testnet!
  • Marketing push continues…

Development Updates

  • The new UI has been released on testnet! This will provide a much better user experience and we’re looking forward to testing it before releasing it on mainnet.
  • The new RVS (rewards verification system) is running behind the scenes to collect data to soon replace the current RVS fully
  • PRE deposit addresses on the platform have been refreshed for all users as a standard security measure. Please make sure to generate a new address before depositing PRE to the platform
  • Making progress on the community package platform to enable community members to easier provide community packages

Marketing Updates

  • Next week, Presearch will be featured on Jeff Berwick’s TCV Summit. Speaking at 5:30PM on Friday
  • Next Tuesday (September 21st), we’re doing a decentralized state of the union address held by one of the largest Dogecoin groups (Million doge Disco)
  • Next Wednesday we’ll be hosting an AMA in the Cryptonairz community
  • Email marketing began to supporters and active users!
  • And finally.. We’re working on a major partnership with a well-known crypto platform. Stay tuned for more info, while in the meantime we also continue to work on new Presearch videos.

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