Presearch Weekly Update #41 — Nov 12, 2021

Missed last week’s updates? No problem, check out the recap below:

Last week in review: most important takeaways

  • Search rewards at .10, traffic >3.8 million searches and >75% unrewarded
  • 2.8M registered users
  • 155M+ PRE staked between keywords and nodes
  • Token value ~25 cents — high volatility
  • Over 46,000 nodes on the Presearch testnet
  • Continuing to scale platforms
  • OpenSea integration

Node Operator NFT drop and Preberry release

In the coming weeks, we will be getting the node operator NFTs out to draw the Raspberry Pi winners!

Challenges and Responses

  • Ethereum gas fees
  • Costs for handling transactions on the Ethereum network continue to be crazy this week, with transaction fees in the $30-$50 range. This has added to delays on withdrawals. Once we implement Web3 withdrawals, we will be able to support PRE on different blockchains as well, which will help significantly.
  • Rewards experience improvements
  • We are now working on rewards 2.0 to resolve the challenges with the current reward system.
  • Working through withdrawals backlog
  • We’re continuing to work through the backlog of withdrawals that accumulated over the past few months. If you’re waiting on an urgent withdawal, we welcome you to email us at:

Development Update

Here’s a look at what’s new on the development front

Marketing and Community Update

Presearch is making a splash in the news, check out how!

Ongoing Projects

Some long-term projects on the horizon — we will provide updates as they arise

  • RVS (user levels) | work underway
  • Continued work on replacing the problematic Reward Verification System
  • Back end optimization
  • Continuing to optimize the platform for scalability
  • Marketing outreach
  • Partnerships, AMAs, blockchain projects, browsers and testing paid channels
  • Vision paper refresh
  • Continuing to develop the vision paper to bring it into alignment with the current state of the project

Make sure to enter the weekly content

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Each Thursday, we’ll review the videos from the previous week and copy all of the affiliate links that have commented by 12pm ET. These will be entered into a randomizer and a winner will be selected.

Thank you community!

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