Presearch Year End Update

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Hey Presearcher!

So… 2020, eh? What a crazy year.

None of us could have anticipated what 2020 would bring — social media induced-panic, economic destruction, riots, lock downs, international travel bans… It’s pretty shocking just to write this.

And yet, from amidst the covid chaos, it’s been a solid year overall for Presearch, and the conditions for mass adoption of crypto and Big Tech alternatives couldn’t be much better.

Wake up, Neo!

More people are taking the red pill and waking up to the fact that our current economic model is completely broken — rampant money printing, unprecedented government interference in business, massive deficits that can never be repaid and a future of fiat stagflation.

Trust in Google, Facebook and Big Tech has been shaken, with levels of censorship (aka ‘fact checking’), deplatforming, and algorithmically-sown discord that seemed impossible just 12 months ago.

It truly is a different world, and many powerful forces are working hard to ensure this remains ‘the new normal’. Unfortunately, the price is being paid with our personal freedoms, future tax increases, shuttered small businesses and the debasement of our currencies.

For many, these are confusing and scary times. It’s hard not to worry when so much change has happened so fast, based on unclear or conflicting information, with no accountability or seeming plan to minimize negative consequences.

There’s a lot of ‘trust us’ coming from people who don’t seem to have humanity’s best interests at heart, and it’s super polarizing for those who just trust blindly and those who are questioning the official narratives and actions.

Blockchain to the rescue!

Fortunately, these are the exact times that blockchain technology thrives in, as you don’t just have to ‘trust’, you can verify data yourself on an open ledger.

That is partly why Bitcoin investment returns are outpacing all other asset classes, eventually dragging the rest of the crypto space along with it.

Presearch is in an amazing position as the world’s leading blockchain-based search engine.

Presearch, now with 100% more decentralization!

And with the public launch of our new decentralized Presearch Engine powered by user nodes around the corner on January 28th, we’re ready to provide the world with a true alternative to the Google monopoly, driving serious demand for Presearch PRE tokens in the process.

The past three years have been dedicated to building. Building our team. Building infrastructure. Building community.

We’ve been testing our assumptions, making course corrections where necessary, and always marching forward.

The result of all this effort is an actual working decentralized search ecosystem powered by PRE tokens. 😀👍

Bring on 2021!

We are so excited to spread the word about Presearch in 2021!

Our timing is impeccable. Our technology is in place. Our marketing plan is ready to be implemented and take Presearch to the next level, bringing millions of new users into the ecosystem and adding massive value to the keyword staking platform and PRE tokens in the process.

No matter what 2021 sends our way, we will make the most of our opportunities for growth and are grateful for everyone’s support in us getting to this point.

The Presearch Team and I wish you a Happy New Year and a free and prosperous year ahead.

Thank you for your support in 2020 and for enabling us to build a better search engine for We The People!

All the best,


Recap of Progress in 2020

2020 was a busy year, and our small but mighty team accomplished a lot! Thank you to everyone for all of your efforts in moving the project forward!





Bring on 2021!

Keep an eye on your email and our social channels for more information about the launch of the new Presearch Engine on January 28th, 2021!

We have lots of AMAs, interviews and promotions coming up, and now that we’re in full marketing mode, expect lots of regular communication.

We are even talking about weekly video updates!

Speaking of which, here’s a recording of the live stream demo from yesterday if you didn’t get a chance to watch live:

Presearch is building a decentralized search engine framework — visit or for more info